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2023 Support-A-Walk for Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Walk With Us, Wherever You Are. Donate and Raise Funds.

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Support Connection's Annual Support-A-Walk for Breast and Ovarian Cancer

This year’s Annual Support-A-Walk will be held on Sunday, October 1, 2023. We will walk at FDR State Park in Yorktown Heights, New York, or you can walk with us wherever you are, near or far.

Our Annual Support-A-Walk is held each year to bring attention to the needs of people living with breast, ovarian or other gynecological cancers and to raise funds for our free, unlimited cancer support programs and services, which include: one-on-one peer counseling, support groups, wellness programs, educational webinars, and social activities. Your donations make it possible for Support Connection to provide this free emotional, social, and educational support to people impacted by breast, ovarian, or gynecological cancer.

Thousands of people participate in this uplifting community event. Family and friends come together to celebrate, support and remember loved ones. We serve people nationwide, and people nationwide can walk with us ...at the park or wherever you are. Join us! Form a team or fundraise on your own! YOU can make a difference!

There is no fee to participate and no fundraising minimum. However, this IS a fundraiser! So, we ask ALL participants to donate, whatever amount they can.

Without your donations, we could not offer this critically needed help at no cost to the people who need it. We rely on YOUR donations to help us make a difference! We do NOT receive funds from: Relay for Life, Making Strides, Susan G. Komen, or any other national cancer groups.

MATCHING GIFTS: Many companies will match your donation, which can double or triple its impact! Ask your employer if they have a matching gift program and how to submit for it.

Please give whatever you can - together, we can make a difference!


Look below to locate a Team or Individual Fundraiser
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Team Name (Alphabetical)

Ann Guerin's Grandkids (Justin Guerin's Fundraiser)
Anne's Irish Eyes (Patricia Canini's Fundraiser)
Beth's Bosom Buddies (Beth Gilinsky's Fundraiser)
Emerald Angels (Geri Moran's Fundraiser)
Friends of Caroline (Carrie Puppo Tropea's Fundraiser)
Friends of Dolly and Linda (Jody Mastro's Fundraiser)
Friends of Ilene (Cindy Cohen's Fundraiser)
Friends of Ilene (Ilene Cohen's Fundraiser)
Friends United Against Cancer (Amy Finney's Fundraiser)
Geri Ann's Gang (Paula Natale's Fundraiser)
Go No Sen Cancer Walk (J Dorene Picker's Fundraiser)
Go No Sen Karate's Fundraiser
John Jay HS EF Boys Soccer - Booster Club Fundraiser
Kathy's Caring Circle (Katherine Quinn's Fundraiser)
Houlihan Lawrence Yorktown Brokerage's Fundraiser
Hudson Valley Credit Union's Fundraiser
In Memory of Elizabeth Chaparro (Sara Pace's Fundraiser)
Jan's Breast Friends (Ellyn Brinley's Fundraiser)
Joanne's Crew in Memory of Joanne Schuyler (Diane Tual's Fundraiser)
Josie's Team (Amy Cristallo's Fundraiser)
Josie's Team (Louis Cristallo's Fundraiser)
LDDE Dancer's Fundraiser
Lisa's Rope (Lisa Jocelyn's Fundraiser)
Lucia's Love (Nora Ohlmann's Fundraiser)
Maria's Marauders (Melissa Frederick's Fundraiser)
Melissa's Angels (Michelle Harrison's Fundraiser)
Melissa's Angels (Samantha Laffin's Fundraiser)
Melissa's Angels (Christian Lopez's Fundraiser)
Melissa's Angels (Eduardo Lopez's Fundraiser)
Melissa's Angels (Jose Lopez's Fundraiser)
Melissa's Angels (Melissa Lopez's Fundraiser)
Melissa's Angels (Lori Oneto's Fundraiser)
Melissa's Angels (Louis Oneto's Fundraiser)
Melissa's Angels (Sinead Racanello's Fundraiser)
Melissa's Angel's (Ali Spinelli's Fundraiser)
Melissa's Angels (Danielle Spinelli's Fundraiser)
Melissa's Angels (Sharon Spinelli's Fundraiser
Melissa's Angels (Erika Martinez Vitale's Fundraiser)
Mount Pleasant Girl Scouts Cadette Troups 2598's Fundraiser
Nu Psi Zeta Chapter, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.'s Fundraiser
Rising Tides Alliance
Sister Sister (Joann Johnson's Fundraiser)
Sue's Crew
Team Dada Vere (Valentina Berisha's Fundraiser)
Team Halloween (Pam Tole's Fundraiser)
Team Julie (Wendy Giuliano's Fundraiser)
Team Kara Walker (Elizabeth Pearlman's Fundraiser)
Temple Beth Am - Team Mitzvah's Fundraiser
YJC Fundraiser (Suzanne Stein's Fundraiser)
Yonker's Girls - (Dolores Antonetz's Fundraiser)
Yorktown Democratic Committee's Fundraiser
Yorktown Varsity Field Hockey's Fundraiser

Individual Fundraiser (Alphabetical by Last Name)

Sue Andersen's Fundraiser
Ann Marie's Fundraiser
Dolores Antonetz's Fundraiser (Yonker's Girls)
Celeste Baccari's Fundraiser
Janine Belsky's Fundraiser
Valentina Berisha's Fundraiser (Team Dada Vere)
Ellyn Brinley's Fundraiser (Jan's Breast Friends)
Patricia Canini's Fundraiser (Anne's Irish Eyes)
Cindy Cohen's Fundraiser (Friends of Ilene)
Amy Cristallo's Fundraiser - Josie's Team
Louis Cristallo's Fundraiser (Josie's Team)
Stephanie Bowe's Fundraiser
Vivian Bueno's Fundraiser
Diane Buschel's Fundraiser
Ilene Cohen's Fundraiser (Friends of Ilene)
Sheri C's Fundraiser
Jeannette DeSino's Fundraiser
Sue Dominguez's Fundraiser
Salli Figler's Fundraiser
Amy Finney's Fundraiser (Friends United Against Cancer)
Amanda Ford's Fundraiser
Melissa Frederick's Fundraiser (Maria's Marauders)
Carrie Frost's Fundraiser
Beth Gilinsky's Fundraiser (Beth's Bosom Buddies)
Wendy Giuliano's Fundraiser (Team Julie)
Justin Guerin's Fundraiser (Ann Guerin's Grandkids Fundraiser)
Michelle Harrison's Fundraiser - Melissa's Angels
Matthew and Noah Haye's Fundraiser
Mary Heagle's (Benza) Fundraiser
Marlene Horton's Fundraiser
Lisa Jocelyn's Fundraiser (Lisa's Rope)
Joann Johnson's Fundraiser (Sister Sister)
Jodi Kennedy's Fundraiser
Samantha Laffin's Fundraiser (Melissa's Angels)
Christian Lopez's Fundraiser - Melissa's Angels
Eduardo Lopez's Fundraiser - Melissa's Angels
Jose Lopez's Fundraiser (Melissa's Angels)
Melissa Lopez's Fundraiser (Melissa's Angels)
Amanda Margiotta's Fundraiser
Vencine Martin's Fundraiser
Jody Mastro's Fundraiser (Friends of Dolly and Linda)
Geri Moran's Fundraiser (Emerald Angels)
Lisa Mulligan's Fundraiser
Paula Natale's Fundraiser (Geri Ann's Gang)
Heather Novak’s Fundraiser
Marge O'Brien's Fundraiser
Nora Ohlmann's Fundraiser (Lucia's Love)
Lola Ojedo's Fundraiser
Lori Oneto's Fundraiser (Melissa's Angels)
Louis Oneto's Fundraiser (Melissa's Angels)
Sara Pace's Fundraiser (In Memory of Elizabeth Chaparro)
Debra Paget's Fundraiser
Elizabeth Pearlman's Fundraiser (Team Kara Walker)
Robin Perlmutter's Fundraiser
J Dorene Picker's Fundraiser (Go No Sen Cancer Walk)
Jennifer Walko Ponzini's Fundraiser
Katherine Quinn's Fundraiser (Kathy's Caring Circle)
Sinead Racanello's Fundraiser (Melissa's Angels)
Michael Reggina's Fundraiser
Daria Rocco's Fundraiser
Madelon Rosen-Solomon's Fundraiser
Marie Sanchez's Fundraiser
Julia Slaughter's Fundraiser
Ali Spinelli's Fundraiser (Melissa's Angels)
Danielle Spinelli's Fundraiser (Melissa's Angels)
Sharon Spinelli's Fundraiser (Melissa's Angels)
Marlene Stager's Fundraiser
Suzanne Stein's Fundraiser (YJC Fundraiser)
Pam Tole's Fundraiser (Team Halloween)
Carrie Puppo Tropea's Fundraiser (Friends of Caroline)
Marsha Toussaint's Fundraiser
Diane Tual's Fundraiser (Joanne's Crew In Memory of Joanne Schuyler)
Erika Martinez Vitale's Fundraiser (Melissa's Angels)
Gary Wawrzycki's Fundraiser

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